Death Of A Note In A Bottle

here I am, a note in this tiny bottle
destined to be
unable to move,
rolled and stuffed, I ride with the tide

decades pass, my message, formulas to make

Coca~Cola better…worth millions

I am surprised at the strength of glass,
through all the storms, I have survived
my biggest surprise the cork rotting inside
if I am not soon run aground
I imagine the cork will fail; I will never be found

alas, you who put me in this bottle can go to hell!

the cork broken, washing away
I am full of water sinking into the depths

a forlorn note in a bottle without ballast,
Neptune’s grip, dragging me down

unable to ever wash ashore
doomed, to be inconclusive evermore

soon,all that will be left a Coke bottle
worth three cents





Rabbits writing poetry is Jabberwocky even to Mockingbirds.

Author Note:

Play On Words

I saw
someone wrote,
“today is
Walt Whitman’s
I thought,
it the day
Walt Whitman
was born?
Hard to believe
is his
he has
been dead
one hundred
twenty six

Not To Sleep

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to visualize
My Lord and Savior

I do not see a face
no picture exists
what he looks like

when I close my eyes
I see shadows
none define
I know,
My Lord and Savior
is somewhere
I pray, “Our Father”
I talk to Him
He will materialize

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to die
as breathing becomes shallow
my heart beats its last
my Spirit guides me
where shadows
now define
where there is no
I see the face of
etched forever
in my mind

Awaiting Judgement

recently expired
wrapped in a web
of remembrance,
she feels
the pain of her deceit.

wishing she
had been more
a believer of
her souls
only of her love
of life.

she agonizes,
her fate,
yet undetermined.

she awaits

Passed Out

 it was dark when they first met
she looked at ugly and almost passed out
she looked into the mirror
and did

Eager Little Fingers

in the day
light cords hung
from ceilings
wrapped in asbestos cord
a light fixture screwed
into its end

a push button
on the wall
off and on

eager little fingers
a cord without a bulb
curiosity their demise
enter into the socket
receive unanticipated shock
retract with
lightning speed

eager little fingers
decide lessons learned
cautious little fingers
seek new adventure
avoiding open sockets
without lights