Crystal Moonlight

hidden deep in the Celestial Garden
originating from
the Crystal Moon,
centered to gather lost loves
hoping for retribution

A place where heartbreak looms
sometimes forever
the love of light extinguished

for the fortunate few
an awakening of new hope
a gift few receive

the Crystal Moonlight
hears the “Songs of Sorrow
waits the verse “Song of Great Happening”
denoting she is not unforgiving
grants a reunion for those who seek lost love

it is a place of dreams
where love is gathered
to be returned
only when
loves glorious passion reunites
lost love

now, the Crystal Moonlight
shines in love
opens her arms
receives from the Celestial Garden
true loves desire
awakening lost love
she unites willing souls
granting hope for retribution
for loving parent’s
sons and daughters

hidden in the Crystal Moonlight
the Celestial Garden
release lost loves
from the Celtic Moon
journeying forward to
discover destiny



two emerald coals
floating eight inches
from the floor.
blink off,
gone on padded paws.

Sandy Benda©December 2016
Written 1962

Spitting On Bare Wood

Spitting on bare wood

a head rests

encased in thorns

as nails

define intensity

a face sweating blood

man the defiler


Desecration prevails

the crucifix burns

Christians under attack

murder escalates

the Ten Commandants


too many sins to count

man’s failure

always the same


few await Jesus return




The Devil

spitting on bare wood

laughs and celebrates



One Hour With You

If I had only one hour left with you,
I would ask that hour be in God’s own time,
one hour, a lifetime, every second
an expression of love,
every minute a new adventure.

One hour to slowly pass
with you at my side,
a never-ending dream,
always giving thanks,
one hour left with you,
would be eternity.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…I love you and miss you every day.

A Perfect Day

while my children dream
I sneak in and watch them sleep
a perfect day’s end


Glamour is in the eye of the beholder;

beauty is the beholder of the eye.

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