Not To Sleep

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to visualize
My Lord and Savior

I do not see a face
no picture exists
what he looks like

when I close my eyes
I see shadows
none define
I know,
My Lord and Savior
is somewhere
I pray, “Our Father”
I talk to Him
He will materialize

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to die
as breathing becomes shallow
my heart beats its last
my Spirit guides me
where shadows
now define
where there is no
I see the face of
etched forever
in my mind


Awaiting Judgement

recently expired
wrapped in a web
of remembrance,
she feels
the pain of her deceit.

wishing she
had been more
a believer of
her souls
only of her love
of life.

she agonizes,
her fate,
yet undetermined.

she awaits

What My Sacrifice Means To You

        I do not think about dying
I am young and defiant
I put my life at risk daily
          I do not think about dying
I believe in my mission
I trust those I serve
I do my duty diligently, without fail
          I do not think about dying
I accept great risk
I am an American fighting for Americans
I am one of the 1%
I protect the rights and lives of the 99%
who do not serve in the military
          I do not think about dying
My flag gives me strength
strength to endure another day
symbolization is my motivation
My flag is worn on my uniform
she is with me every day
          I do no think about dying
her beauty lies in her thirteen stripes,
representing thirteen original colonies
she displays colors of red and white on a field of blue
red for hardiness, and valor
the white signifies purity and innocence
the blue for  vigilance, perseverance and justice
with fifty white stars,
one for each state for unity
all qualities for which we stand
those that define us as a nation
as an individual
it is not just a flag
it is you
          I did not think of dying
I have lived out my days
I did my duty
I represented you with honor and distinction
I died for your right to accept or reject patriotism
to remove the you from American symbolism
and eventually from a nation
          I did not think of dying

I think about what my sacrifice means to you


Poetry, The Tool That Teaches

Poetry is not a written or spoken form to be feared, rather, should be the educational tool that teaches reading, writing and the arts as no other single genre is capable.

Spitting On Bare Wood

Spitting on bare wood

a head rests

encased in thorns

as nails

define intensity

a face sweating blood

man the defiler


Desecration prevails

the crucifix burns

Christians under attack

murder escalates

the Ten Commandants


too many sins to count

man’s failure

always the same


few await Jesus return




The Devil

spitting on bare wood

laughs and celebrates



Fleeting Thoughts

We write our thoughts,
not to forget,
to document
a moment of fleeting thought
shared from memory,
then gone forever.

Thoughts converted to memories
as age surges toward twilight,
expressed as vivid reenactments
of history and genealogy.

To let memory pass into obscurity,
decry the sadness that exists
in the mind of man.

We write our thoughts,
not to forget,
to document,
to learn what the mind is teaching,
fleeting thoughts flow through
the mind,
soon lost forever.

Mac McGovern©2011