Not To Sleep

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to visualize
My Lord and Savior

I do not see a face
no picture exists
what he looks like

when I close my eyes
I see shadows
none define
I know,
My Lord and Savior
is somewhere
I pray, “Our Father”
I talk to Him
He will materialize

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to die
as breathing becomes shallow
my heart beats its last
my Spirit guides me
where shadows
now define
where there is no
I see the face of
etched forever
in my mind



two emerald coals
floating eight inches
from the floor.
gone on padded paws.

Sandy Benda©December 2016
Written 1962

It Matters Not

as we move through time,


knowing the days

are numbered



continue on

as if,

it matters not


those gone before

most forgotten

a few

elevated to be remembered;

the achievements,

the monuments,

the works of art

and literature

all forgotten

when time continues unabated


when there is no reclamation

of the dust

once called earth,


when we

no longer  move

through time

it matters






Hatred is blind
causing light to recede
into darkness.

oblivious of the consequences
darkening the land
long before the sun sets.

Poetry, The Tool That Teaches

Poetry is not a written or spoken form to be feared, rather, should be the educational tool that teaches reading, writing and the arts as no other single genre is capable.

Democide In The 20th Century Once Limited to Individual Countries, Today The World

Arguably, the 20th Century was the most volatile in recorded history; this century already has the tendency to be as bad or worse. Action on an international scale is required to end the atrocities that are becoming commonplace.

In “Death By Government,” R.J. Rummel described “Democide” as the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder. Grouped under Genocide are religious and ethnic classes, and famine because of government policies.

20th Century Democide accounted for more deaths than all prior centuries combined, with an estimated 260 million dead. This number does not include death of combatants, or civilians killed in war as a result of action against the enemy; that is not related to Democide.

Countries involved in Democide include China, North Korea, Uganda, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, The Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, Mexico, Bosnia and many more. Every inhabited continent is included excepting Australia. America is not included because Democide against Native American’s did not occur in the 20th Century.

Terrorism became a household word on 11 September 2001, quickly becoming a force in everyday life. In the first 11 years of this century, Terrorism accounted for over 10,000 murders worldwide. Although Terrorism is not a government, it is organized, and supported by various governments; therefore, because of these numbers, it should be included in the definition of Democide. Considering the availability of traveling easily around the world and blending in with every society, they could easily murder hundreds of thousands to millions with the push of a button.

I believe, the difference between our government’s pursuit of those whose interest is to murder American’s, and its continual surveillance protecting America from mass causality assaults; is not the same as our government standing by while governments, and now Terrorist’s, use Democide to murder almost at will.

America and the rest the world is allowing these atrocities to happen, and are in part, supporting mass murder by continuing to provide foreign aid. Currently, America’s appropriated foreign aid is about 50 billion dollars. The only countries that should receive foreign aid are those that are economically depressed. Russia, China, Pakistan, India, and Turkey are some of the richest in the world, and countries whose governments are practicing Democide should never receive foreign aid.

The world has always been a community of cultures where those who control the resources consider anyone or group who does not share their views as fodder. Democide has been allowed throughout history. Today we have the means to stop the murder, yet because there is no direct threat, we allow it to continue.

The United Nations is the most dysfunctional body on earth. The organization capitulates to member countries, and does not possess the intestinal fortitude to upset countries that are paying excessive membership fees. Political correctness has no place when a member countries dictator is committing Democide. I find it hard to fathom, the collective voice condemns Democide when it is discovered, yet fails to act accordingly.

The President has a responsibility to protect the United States; he has an obligation to refuse to support countries tying to eliminate any portion of their population. As a people of the world, we have an ethical obligation to ensure our leaders act decisively and without compromise whenever Democide rears its ugly head.

Mac McGovern


Others Decide Poets Legacy

Is my poetry like age?
Does the poetry get better the more I write?
I leave it to others to decide.