Death Of A Note In A Bottle

here I am, a note in this tiny bottle
destined to be
unable to move,
rolled and stuffed, I ride with the tide

decades pass, my message, formulas to make

Coca~Cola better…worth millions

I am surprised at the strength of glass,
through all the storms, I have survived
my biggest surprise the cork rotting inside
if I am not soon run aground
I imagine the cork will fail; I will never be found

alas, you who put me in this bottle can go to hell!

the cork broken, washing away
I am full of water sinking into the depths

a forlorn note in a bottle without ballast,
Neptune’s grip, dragging me down

unable to ever wash ashore
doomed, to be inconclusive evermore

soon,all that will be left a Coke bottle
worth three cents