In The Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden occupies an enormous
area in the center of the Celestial Universe.

Residing in the innermost
sanctum of universal thought
where lost souls gather and fairy dust makes

Confined within a sphere of energy,
not a planetary existence,

The home of the Crystal Moonlight
intercepting lost love;
decides to reunite,
or leave lost souls to seek, and maybe
never find.

Within the Crystal Garden
far from the Crystal Moonlight
resides the Land of Guerneville
where fairies live,
provide the dust,
not cosmic…fairy, to renew.

Fairies grouped into sections
each having only one color of wings
never know one another,
believe they are the only fairies in
the Crystal Moonlight.

Each section
unknown to the other
maintain their own sphere
using the same rules to govern,
live, and develop their magic.

The home of Little Joanie,
the most famous, of all Fairies’.

These creatures are
human like except they have
pointed ears, have wings,
are very small, and live
one thousand years
or more.

It is a land
divided into other
lands ruled by
Fairy Kings and Queens.

They are peaceful
and have never warred.

There has never been a murder
in their over two million year history;
they are unique among all minions
in this wonderful Land of Guerneville.