Fleeting Thoughts

We write our thoughts,
not to forget,
to document
a moment of fleeting thought
shared from memory,
then gone forever.

Thoughts converted to memories
as age surges toward twilight,
expressed as vivid reenactments
of history and genealogy.

To let memory pass into obscurity,
decry the sadness that exists
in the mind of man.

We write our thoughts,
not to forget,
to document,
to learn what the mind is teaching,
fleeting thoughts flow through
the mind,
soon lost forever.

Mac McGovern©2011


One thought on “Fleeting Thoughts

  1. I especially like “to learn what the mind is teaching.”

    One of my poetry writing instructors was interested in dream interpretation. And many years after taking his classes, I called him about a recurring dream I was having–that I could fly, literally, by just flapping my arms. As I recall, he said this dream was probably telling me that my expectations exceeded my abilities.

    But the important thing he told us, all of us in his class, was that–though dreams usually did not foretell the future–they could tell us what was going on in our lives in the present, what directions our lives were taking. Because–as he explained–the subconscious mind knows more than the conscious mind does–specifically the subconscious mind knows what direction a person’s life is taking before his or her conscious mind does.

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