My Number

1,805,326.47 was the number,

the number that is,
the beginning,
and the end,
15 days ago,
the countdown began,
the number of beats,
remaining in my heart,
my countdown begins,
to Armageddon,

Had I known,
1,805,326.47 beats ago,
this was the number,
when my life would end,
I’d have been begging forgiveness,
of all my sins

15 days ago the countdown began,
47 tenths of a second,
into its last beat,
the sudden end,
there was warning,
there was pain,
then only darkness,
when finally,
death came

The remaining 53 tenths,
of my last second,
I could have used,
to repent,
to late,
1,805,326.47 is my number
for admission,
to Hell’s Gate

If I’d lived to age 80,
3,363,840,000 times,
my heart would beat,
the result,
would have remained,
the same,
waiting until the end,
hoping to repent,
results in a soul,
destined to be,
hell bent