Harsh Decisions Must Be Made to Solve The Illegal Immigration Problem In America

The key to the illegal immigration problem in the United States requires a skilled locksmith to case harden the vault stopping all social welfare to Illegal Immigrants saving about 118 billion per year. No free medical, schools, food stamps, welfare, disability, and in particular, jobs if they have no work visa, green card, or other acceptable document as outlined in the Real ID Act of 2005. Sanctuary Cities refusing to report illegals are in violation of federal law. If they do not want to comply and enforce the law, allow states to deport illegals to those cities, let them shoulder the responsibility and pay the exorbitant cost associated with a greatly increased illegal population. Actually, when illegals discover Sanctuary Cities will continue to ignore the law, they would flock there in droves saving non-Sanctuary Cities thousands in transportation costs.

Those groups and advocates of illegal immigration, who want to apply pressure to the President and Congress to allow illegals to stay in the US and receive back-door amnesty, can pay them to stay. If they pay the 118 billion out of pocket instead of wasting US taxpayer monies to pay the illegal immigration bill there would be considerably less objection to amnesty.

The Obama Administration has yet to keep one promise made, has lied about every controversy, places blame on everyone except themselves, and is only concerned about the Latino vote. They know the Latino vote is critical to the President’s re-election. This Administration will ignore constitutional law to allow as many illegals to vote as possible in this quest. The evidence is indisputable indicating, both legal and illegal, are registering and voting in federal, state, and local elections. Most estimates indicate there may be hundreds of thousands of illegals voting in elections. Although the primary requirement for voting in National and all individual States is US Citizenship, there is minimal to no enforcement. Since the Latino community rarely votes Republican, there is no doubt the benefit derived by the Democratic Party.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (1) provides data of voter registration and polling requirements nationally and by state. Interestingly, requirements are so lax in most states they might as well be non-existent in preventing voter fraud. In defense of the states, they are attempting to strengthen their laws; again most who tried failed, were shelved until 2016, or went into effect after the 2012 election. Most would consider this as padding the vote. The more the Administration appeases Latino groups and supporters in favor of an amnesty program, the more these influences will solicit Latino’s, both legal and illegal to register, vote, and sadly, they will be successful.

The House passed the Real ID Act in 2005. This act set specific guidelines for states to implement Homeland Security documentation requirements for driver’s license issuance and renewal. The purpose is to prevent illegals from obtaining a license within a state or acceptable license for federal identification and establish a national data base to identify illegals that fraudulently acquire driver’s licenses, SS Numbers, and keep them from obtaining work.

Again, US citizens have to produce a certified birth certificate with seal, original or duplicate social security card, and multiple documents that prove where they live to obtain or renew a driver’s license.

The downfall, illegals will not apply for a driver’s license or liability insurance. Instead, they will get friends who are licensed to buy them cars and obtain license plates. Unless they kill someone, if caught they will simply face deportation, sent back at our expense to their native country, and within a few days be back; this time they will be wiser and move to a Sanctuary City.

Illegal Immigration has a significant impact on state and local economies. Social Security fraud, Identity theft, voter fraud, tax evasion, and over 300,000 Anchor Babies per year, all increasing annually. We are no longer a country of milk and honey; we are a struggling economy that cannot afford handouts to an invasion force of illegal immigrants’.

Of course, most of what is written will never become fruition. It would be impossible to send back 13 million illegals. America will require some type of program that may take years to obtain citizenship, but it will happen. The crisis that exists today will not go away. Costs of illegal immigration will continue to escalate as more cross our borders.

We cannot begin to address the problem until the borders are secure or we make it impossible for illegals to want to remain. Cutting off benefits may seem harsh, but we are not the rich country of our past. We cannot pay our debt and too many resources are being consumed by those who have no right to the services, therefore denying those who do have that right. Illegal Immigration is the single largest threat to National Security. The question which most America is demanding an answer; the one blatantly ignored by our President and Representatives…Why?

(1) “The National Conference of State Legislatures”


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  1. Excellent article. Unfortunately, we have become a nation manipulated by our heartstrings and guilt and no longer can see past our noses. But, the consequences of not making tough choices will reap devastation on our children and grandchildren. Too bad.

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