Time Alone

I sit alone, racking a brain silent as stone,
awaiting inspiration, until it comes scrolling,
from the recesses of the unknown

Wide awake, heart beat steady,
fingers awaiting thoughts to flow from my brain to them,
beginning the transformation from impulse to prose

Toilsome, my mind content to roam,
refuses to focus, on one topic alone,
circuits firing randomly, thoughts bouncing off bone,
soon will come together, no longer alone

words, once in discord, unite, become clearer,
fingers fly light as a feather,
transformation rapid, now writing with ease, finally let go,
a philosophic frenzy, barely in control

no time to wonder the how or why,
this collection of verse, this natural high,
whats been written, this lunacy of the mind,
no longer confined, will survive

I rejoice in this composition, its delivery without restriction,
a one of a kind submission, a testimonial of convection,
to once again clone, this marvelous time alone


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