Man’s Laws Do Not Apply

With all the press being directed at abortion, whether right or wrong, if you are going to have a double standard, it cannot be a non-human in the womb one moment, and human for organ harvest the next. The fact that the use of the fetus as human body parts demonstrates the hypocrisy related to this whole industry.

babies aborted
have no idea as to why
a scissor, a forceps, a suction
catheter murders it.

into a plastic bag,
burned with no name,
the mother,
may suffer remorse
others without,
walk away.

a baby aborted
denied life,
cares no more
in Heaven
happy forever more.

the mother
lives her life
will never know the child
she aborted long ago.

Commandments written in
God’s hand,
the law of all men,
“thou shall not murder”
applies to all
who destroy
a seed planted by his hand,
His child,
murdered by man.

God will judge and decide
in his Kingdom where
Man’s laws do not apply.

Mac McGovern©2013

Author Note: I use murder instead kill because I believe God commanded us not to murder, and the Hebrew interpretation of His law was flawed using the word kill in the fifth commandment.


3 thoughts on “Man’s Laws Do Not Apply

  1. It’s quite right that you use “Thou shalt not murder”–my understanding is that the original Hebrew word more accurately translates into “murder” in English. Opponents of the death penalty often use “Thou shalt not kill” to support their cause–but what fascinates me is that so many opponents of the death penalty favor abortion on demand. So it’s not okay to kill an adult who has killed an entire family in cold blood–but it is okay to kill an unborn child who hasn’t even had a chance, not to mention a choice. This seems to be the double standard by which so many opponents of the death penalty seem to live.

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