Statues Denoting Relationships Between Military Services

Statues are not for those who served with one another…they need no such things as reminders of camaraderie where hearts and souls are forever linked.

Corpsman and Marines need no reminders, their bond, “born in Heaven; forged in hell,” has been inseparable since World War I.

The statue a reminder of a time, when togetherness, closeness, and sometimes-even hugs, held no embarrassment, for men who depend on each, for their very lives.

Statues are for the families, the friends, those who serve and those who did not. A reminder for the future, to never forget, when two hard heads were one. That, Corpsman and Marines will serve together forever, plus one more day, just because they can.

Lieutenant General Chesty Puller said it best, “You guys are the Marines doctor–There’s none better in the business than a Navy Corpsman.” The statue a reminder, the Navy Corpsman will always respond, whenever a Marine calls, “Corpsman Up!”