Olivia’s Leaf

once upon a time,
not long ago,
I hung around
enjoying warm summer days
wearing my beautiful
green dress

life was wonderful
with children playing
and picnics spread
the calming affect of the
nearby stream
still resonating in my veins
life was wonderful

when suddenly
everything changed
the days now dark and cold
no longer a whim and a breeze
children huddle
picnics for another day
the stream silent

hard time takes its toll
my beautiful dress has turned
to brown

I no longer hang around
I have drifted from on high
to my lowly state
I suffer the cold
awaiting my fate
I will never wear
my beautiful green dress again
Author Notes

A simple, beautiful photograph of a brown leaf, next to a semi-frozen stream is the catalyst for the creation of this poem. I call the poem and the picture “Olivia’s Leaf.”

The Photo Credit goes to my granddaughter Olivia. Without her photograph there would be no poem… proving once again the power of stimulus. I hope this poem pays tribute to her and her newfound talent.
© Mac McGovern. All rights reserved, 6 months ago