We Are In Awe

We are in awe; the American Democracy threatened, congress refuses to act, a President who mocks Congress and operates the Congress at-will. A seventeen trillion dollar deficit and all he can say “we need to increase revenue.” Any fourth grade middle school student could have told him that. I wonder if he will ever admit he is in over his head, that his role as community organizer did not provide the skills he needs to lead America.

We are in awe; we allow America’s problems to become the problems of the world. We do not stop the genocide of Dictator’s, more comfortable we do not get involved. A President who allows our credit rating to be reduced and borrows forty cents on every dollar does not deserve a second term, yet we voted him back into office for a second chance to further ignore the constitution, and attempt to hasten the loss of freedom and privacy for all Americans. Was it the 45% of Americans receiving entitlements that require no effort on their part to obtain who gave him this chance?

We are in awe, the news media seldom reports truth, disguise the lure of Socialism, further assist in the degradation of America. A media that dotes on the Presidents every word and broadcast them as fact… when indeed, they are far from fact or truth. Media influence on masses of people, who hang on every word written or spoken as gospel, creates a zealous block that is easily manipulated increasing the media desire for control. A country divided by lines of hate and ambition, ruled by media bias cannot long stand as the greatest on earth.

We are in awe of a government that turns its back on Americans dying overseas. One that spies on its citizens, considers the first and the second amendments out of date, and targets groups of Americans as extremists. A government providing weapons to drug cartels and nations that will soon use the weapons against us, refuses to call a terrorist by that name, and has run up seven-trillion in debt in five years to name a few.

We are in awe as our country is destroyed from within treading toward Socialist versus Republic Doctrine. The President refuses to release his documents pertaining to birth and education, does not tell the truth to the American people, refuses to provide information to Congressional Oversight Committees requesting documents related to impropriety, illegal sales, and the murder of American citizens by known terrorist groups.

We are in awe of these problems and many more too numerous to list. We are in awe; we will live in awe; in awe of our media and political figures, who see themselves as Gods.