Your Eyes

I look
your eyes,

I am
into your


and love
never expire


our children
remain children
locked in
loving arms


only beauty
not allowed

I look
into your
I see
your eyes


I love you


I look
your eyes,
the light
of my

Poetic Genius

does the mind
is there
into poetry
accepted as
Poetic Genius
from the
Hand of God

The Kiss


lips osculate in
of joyful anamnesis
known in a previous perpetuation
to preserve until obsolescence
when lips no longer
caress each
the kiss pleasantly retreats
lips, once again,
osculate in anticipation
Mac McGovern©2020

The Librocubicularist



as the sun
the light recedes,
a wonderful
sets the stage
in gleeful anticipation
of the contentment
of his bed,
the Librocubicularist
turns on the light,
gets comfortable,
enjoys the
delights offered
this night
falling asleep
the adventure
of what he has
Mac McGovern©2020

Death Of A Note In A Bottle

here I am, a note in this tiny bottle
destined to be
unable to move,
rolled and stuffed, I ride with the tide

decades pass, my message, formulas to make

Coca~Cola better…worth millions

I am surprised at the strength of glass,
through all the storms, I have survived
my biggest surprise the cork rotting inside
if I am not soon run aground
I imagine the cork will fail; I will never be found

alas, you who put me in this bottle can go to hell!

the cork broken, washing away
I am full of water sinking into the depths

a forlorn note in a bottle without ballast,
Neptune’s grip, dragging me down

unable to ever wash ashore
doomed, to be inconclusive evermore

soon,all that will be left a Coke bottle
worth three cents




Rabbits writing poetry is Jabberwocky even to Mockingbirds.

Author Note:

Play On Words

I saw
someone wrote,
“today is
Walt Whitman’s
I thought,
it the day
Walt Whitman
was born?
Hard to believe
is his
he has
been dead
one hundred
twenty six

Not To Sleep

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to visualize
My Lord and Savior

I do not see a face
no picture exists
what he looks like

when I close my eyes
I see shadows
none define
I know,
My Lord and Savior
is somewhere
I pray, “Our Father”
I talk to Him
He will materialize

I close my eyes
not to sleep

I close my eyes
to die
as breathing becomes shallow
my heart beats its last
my Spirit guides me
where shadows
now define
where there is no
I see the face of
etched forever
in my mind

Awaiting Judgement

recently expired
wrapped in a web
of remembrance,
she feels
the pain of her deceit.

wishing she
had been more
a believer of
her souls
only of her love
of life.

she agonizes,
her fate,
yet undetermined.

she awaits

Passed Out

 it was dark when they first met
she looked at ugly and almost passed out
she looked into the mirror
and did

Eager Little Fingers

in the day
light cords hung
from ceilings
wrapped in asbestos cord
a light fixture screwed
into its end

a push button
on the wall
off and on

eager little fingers
a cord without a bulb
curiosity their demise
enter into the socket
receive unanticipated shock
retract with
lightning speed

eager little fingers
decide lessons learned
cautious little fingers
seek new adventure
avoiding open sockets
without lights

Since First I Saw You

What The Mind Can Conceive, The Pen Can Achieve

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing me, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid’s
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating me, holding me frozen
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating,
each word you speak intensifies
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through,
sending waves of your essence my way.
The sun magnifying each strand,
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color,
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more…

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The Land Of Shadows In The Shadow Universe

a vast region
beyond the Celestial Universe
where no one
has any recollection
of visiting
the Land of Shadows
is impenetrable
from the Celestial Universe
its closest land,
the Land of Hades

a Land of fire and ice
of terrible hardship
and pain for souls
condemned for eternity

a place where
no man rules
where only evil

there is no escape
there is a doorway
to the Shadow Universe

the doorway accessible
only when
the Ruler of Hades
wants to cause fear
in the souls of man

part of his
grand scheme
to gather
more souls
from earth

while open,
inhabitants of the
Land of Shadows
enter into the
the Celestial Universe
to freely roam the Earth
at night
to haunt dreams
never allowed to take life

some are allowed
to become visible
to men

Shadows cannot harm
they are the demons
who implant
and other creatures
that introduce
great fear
in the mind of
men who
are willing to
accept such things
as superstition


The Nice Attack: A year and 4 days later by Olivia McGovern

A magnificent account of a French adventure surviving a terrorist attack in Nice. From the hand of a 17-year-old who writes well beyond her years.


I don’t like to talk about it, which is probably why it’s taken me a little while to address it. For one, it doesn’t tend to come up in conversation. For another, it’s so absolutely strange that it opens a cavern of difference between myself and others.

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that sometimes we live in separate, parallel worlds of existence. These parallel worlds overlap in the similarities we discover between us. Other times, it is impossible to understand another person’s parallel world, asI’ve mentioned in the case of understanding poverty. There are just some events you’ve experienced which can move your parallel world somewhere far, far away from everyone else. I think soldiers who come back from war experience this, or other victims of trauma. On a more positive note, astronauts returning from space or even those who are colorblind see the world in indescribably unique…

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The Earth And The Celtic Moon

The Earth
the outermost
region pf the
Crystal Universe
so far away
it is the only area
with its own Sun
surrounded by
planets of various sizes
and location from its
warm rays
the only region
where man exists
limited by his
ability to escape
into other lands.

Seldom, Fairies and those escaping
the Land of Spectre have
used their magic
to enter the Earth’s Realm
adding to the superstition
of Human’s

The Celtic Moon
Earth’s Moon, its only companion
so close, yet seldom attainable
with no human presence,
the Ancients there since the beginning
call this harsh world home
have no memory of origin
live just under the crust in
hundreds of trillions of nooks

without light or heat
live a dormant life
Photosynthetic Light-Absorbing Pigments
energized by capturing
suns nighttime rays
form an invisible reflective mirror
directed to the earth as moonlight
where on earth
bathed in eerie, fog filtered moonlight,
creatures inhabiting the old bog shuffle
silently for fear of detection.
Others, come alive,
orchestrate the beautiful sounds
defining the night.

Predators await the light to outline their next meal.
A couple, resting upon the hillside,
ignore the low lying fog and song of thousands,
enjoy the embrace of each,
and the subtle influence of the full moon
providing renewal to all.

The Ancient’s unknown to humans
continue their billion years duty

In The Celestial Garden

The Celestial Garden occupies an enormous
area in the center of the Celestial Universe.

Residing in the innermost
sanctum of universal thought
where lost souls gather and fairy dust makes

Confined within a sphere of energy,
not a planetary existence,

The home of the Crystal Moonlight
intercepting lost love;
decides to reunite,
or leave lost souls to seek, and maybe
never find.

Within the Crystal Garden
far from the Crystal Moonlight
resides the Land of Guerneville
where fairies live,
provide the dust,
not cosmic…fairy, to renew.

Fairies grouped into sections
each having only one color of wings
never know one another,
believe they are the only fairies in
the Crystal Moonlight.

Each section
unknown to the other
maintain their own sphere
using the same rules to govern,
live, and develop their magic.

The home of Little Joanie,
the most famous, of all Fairies’.

These creatures are
human like except they have
pointed ears, have wings,
are very small, and live
one thousand years
or more.

It is a land
divided into other
lands ruled by
Fairy Kings and Queens.

They are peaceful
and have never warred.

There has never been a murder
in their over two million year history;
they are unique among all minions
in this wonderful Land of Guerneville.

Crystal Moonlight

hidden deep in the Celestial Garden
originating from
the Crystal Moon,
centered to gather lost loves
hoping for retribution

A place where heartbreak looms
sometimes forever
the love of light extinguished

for the fortunate few
an awakening of new hope
a gift few receive

the Crystal Moonlight
hears the “Songs of Sorrow
waits the verse “Song of Great Happening”
denoting she is not unforgiving
grants a reunion for those who seek lost love

it is a place of dreams
where love is gathered
to be returned
only when
loves glorious passion reunites
lost love

now, the Crystal Moonlight
shines in love
opens her arms
receives from the Celestial Garden
true loves desire
awakening lost love
she unites willing souls
granting hope for retribution
for loving parent’s
sons and daughters

hidden in the Crystal Moonlight
the Celestial Garden
release lost loves
from the Celtic Moon
journeying forward to
discover destiny


two emerald coals
floating eight inches
from the floor.
gone on padded paws.

Sandy Benda©December 2016
Written 1962

The Stupid Person

A stupid person
will never
to an
intelligent person
the stupid person
knows everything

What My Sacrifice Means To You

        I do not think about dying
I am young and defiant
I put my life at risk daily
          I do not think about dying
I believe in my mission
I trust those I serve
I do my duty diligently, without fail
          I do not think about dying
I accept great risk
I am an American fighting for Americans
I am one of the 1%
I protect the rights and lives of the 99%
who do not serve in the military
          I do not think about dying
My flag gives me strength
strength to endure another day
symbolization is my motivation
My flag is worn on my uniform
she is with me every day
          I do no think about dying
her beauty lies in her thirteen stripes,
representing thirteen original colonies
she displays colors of red and white on a field of blue
red for hardiness, and valor
the white signifies purity and innocence
the blue for  vigilance, perseverance and justice
with fifty white stars,
one for each state for unity
all qualities for which we stand
those that define us as a nation
as an individual
it is not just a flag
it is you
          I did not think of dying
I have lived out my days
I did my duty
I represented you with honor and distinction
I died for your right to accept or reject patriotism
to remove the you from American symbolism
and eventually from a nation
          I did not think of dying

I think about what my sacrifice means to you


It Matters Not

as we move through time,


knowing the days

are numbered



continue on

as if,

it matters not


those gone before

most forgotten

a few

elevated to be remembered;

the achievements,

the monuments,

the works of art

and literature

all forgotten

when time continues unabated


when there is no reclamation

of the dust

once called earth,


when we

no longer  move

through time

it matters





The world was young And so was I But time has stolen My youth And hope I thought that all was Good and kind But now I see That I was blind

via Blinded — Passion through Poetry


Columbus, Erickson, Cook
all explorers who discovered
did they really discover
or did they simply conquer
the true discovers of the land
the people living there?

is the word Discover
an incorrect title
when the reason
of discovery
was plunder and conquer?

and others alike
conquerors all,

Moledro Magazine

If you want to check out a wonderful magazine full of superb poetry and prose, this is the one for you.

World Book

When we look at the World as a book,
we see throughout the ages,
as history is written,
Poetry is the chosen Genre.



World Book Graphic from Sue Collinge